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Version: 4.1.0


Actions related to regions. In the following examples, we assume that an image is loaded as

const file = await app.openFile("my_image.fits");

Creating regions

Regions on a specific image is accessible via RegionSetStore under each image. Each region is represented by a RegionStore object.

console.log(file.regionSet.regions); // View all regions
console.log(file.regionSet.selectedRegion); // View the selected region

addRegionAsync creates regions on the loaded image with available region types.

const regionSet = file.regionSet;
const region = await regionSet.addRegionAsync(3, [{x: [center x], y: [center y]}, {x: [width], y: [height]}]); // Add a rectangle region
const region2 = await regionSet.addRegionAsync(1, [{x: [start x], y: [start y]}, {x: [end x], y: [end y]}]); // Add a line region

Changing region properties

Properties of a region can be modified using the RegionStore object.

// ex: a rectangle region
region.setCenter({x: 0, y: 0}); // Move the region to position (0, 0)
region.setSize({x: 100, y: 100}); // Resize to 100 x 100 pixels
region.setColor("#ffffff"); // Change the color to white

Importing regions

importRegion imports regions to the active image with the provided path, filename, and file type enum.

await app.importRegion("[path]", "[filename]", 1); // File type: CRTF