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Version: 4.1.0

Moment images

The process of generating moment images can be done using code snippets.

The configuration for the generator is accessible via SpectralProfileWidgetStore. Available moment types (as enum) can be found here. Example code:

// Open an image
const file = await app.openFile("[filename]");

// Create a spectral profile settings widget
app.widgetsStore.createFloatingSettingsWidget("", "spectral-profiler-0", "spectral-profiler");

// Get the SpectralProfileWidgetStore object
const spectralProfileWidget = app.widgetsStore.spectralProfileWidgets.get("spectral-profiler-0");

// Navigate to the moments tab

// Modify the configuration using SpectralProfileWidgetStore
spectralProfileWidget.clearSelectedMoments(); // remove default: integrated value of the spectrum
spectralProfileWidget.selectMoment(0); // mean value of the spectrum

// Generate a moment image